Ek Khwab Ek Pyar Ek Haqiqat Ho Tum
Dosti Me Padne Wali Har Zaroorat Ho Tum
Jisko Roz Itne SMS Karne Pade
Meri Jan Woh Musibat Ho Tum

3 chor Pappu, Billu aur Santa police se bachne ke liye 3 borio me chup gaye...
Police wale ne pehle bori par lat maari...
Pappu bola: bow bow.... Police wala: Isme kutta hai.
Fir dusri bori par lat mari..
Billu bola: meow meow... Policewala: Isme billi hai...
Fir teesri bori par laat maari to koi awaaz nahi aayi...
Toh usne do laat maari fir bhi koi awaaz nahi aayi fir 20-25 laat marne ke baad
Santa zor se bola: Saale haramkhor aaloo hun aaloo... Aaloo kabhi bolta hai kya??

Marriage is a 3 ring circus
engagement ring, wedding ring and Suffering

Ek Chor Santa ka mobile le k bhag raha tha
Santa: Bhag sale Bhag bhag Charger toh mere pas hai

Ek Pagal: Mujhe Katrina ne shadi k lye haan bol di hai
Doosra: Dikha di na usne apni auqat
Main bhi itni asani se tallaaq nahi dunga

Lady Beggar: A bhaiya 1 rupya dede 3 din se bhuki hu
Santa: 3 din se bhuki h to 1 rupye ka kya karegi
Lady: Wazan dekhungi kitna ghat gaya hai

Beta: Papa apki shaadi ho gayi
Papa: Haan.
Beta: Kis se hui
Papa: Bewkuf teri mummy se
Beta: Wah papa ghar me hi setting kar li

Ek sardaro k gaon me nadi pe bridge bnaya gya
Builder bhut achcha ho gya
Sardar:ha ji pehle dhoop me tair ke nadi paar krte the ab chhav me tair kr krenge

A Sardar Prays Daily For 2 Hours
Hey Vahey Guru Meri Lottery Lagade.
After 11 Yrs Waheguru Angrily Appears
Oey Uloo De Pathay Ticket To Le Le.

Pappu cigarete pi raha tha ke us ka baap aa gya
Pappu ne cigarete shirt ki jeb mein chupa li
Baap: tum cigarete pee rhe the
Pappu: nahi to
Baap: To phir tumhari shirt se yeh dhuwan kyun nikal raha hai
Pappu: Aap ne baat hi dil jalane wali ki hai

A farmer was driving along the road with a load of manure A little boy Pappu playing in front of his house saw him and called What ve you got in your truck? Manure the farmer replied What are you going to do with it? asked Pappu Put it on strawberries answered the farmer You ought to live here Pappu advised him We put sugar and cream on ours

A lady lost her handbag in the bustle of shopping It was found by Pappu and returned to her Looking in her purse she commented Hmmm That s funny and strange When I lost my bag there was a 500 rupee note in it Now there are ten 50 rupee notes Pappu quickly replied That s right lady The last time I found a lady s purse she didn t have any change for a reward

A teacher was giving a lesson on the circulation of blood Trying to make the matter clearer he said Now class if I stood on my head the blood as you know would run into it and I should turn red in the face Yes sir the class said Then why is it that while I am standing upright in an ordinary position the blood doesn t run into my feet? Pappu shouted Cause your feet ain t empty

A kindergarten teacher handed out a coloring page to her class On it was a picture of a duck holding an umbrella The teacher told her class to color the duck in yellow and the umbrella green however Pappu the class rebel colored the duck in a bright fire truck red After seeing this the teacher asked him Pappu how many times have you seen a red duck? Young Pappu replied with The same number of times I ve seen a duck holding an umbrella

Teacher: What is the name of the capital city of Punjab ? Pappu: Amritsar Teacher: Pappu you are wrong you need to focus more on your studies Pappu: Please madam can I ask you a few questions Teacher: Yes go ahead Pappu: Do you know Jeeto ? Teacher: No Pappu: Do you know Preeto ? Teacher: No Pappu: Do you know Banto? Teacher: (Angry) Hell no Who are all these people and why do you ask ? Pappu: Teacher you need to Focus more on your husband