You ignored the softness of my heart and get ready to believe on my mean behavior.

I am a rude person by birth but I know who deal with it.

A friend on Facebook cannot be a friend in real book of life.

My mind is full of rudeness and you just lose your space here.

A woman can be good for ruling but she cannot live under rude rules.

Rude kind of verse can be your first stage of romance.

I will only approve rude comments on my Facebook profile photo.

Do you also notice a mean smell in 2 Chainz quotes?

If you want to be rude then you should become a celebrity.

A revolution cannot be happen if there are no rude rulers.

Your behavior shows your hard heart and egotistical as well.

Without learning good manners you can win a game of rudeness.

Most of the one liner Mexican jokes are only showing rudeness.

A policeman can rude over a criminal when he is out of a weapon.

World is going mad and rude and it may break my patience one day.