I Love All The Stars In The SkyI Love All The Stars In The SkyBut They Are Nothing ComparedTo The Ones In Your Eyes

Every Tear Is A Sign Of BrokennessEvery Silence Is Sign Of LonlinessEvery Smile Is Sign Of KindnessEvery Sms Is Sign Of Remembrance

I Wish I Were A Tear In Ur Eyes Then I Would Run Down Ur Cheeks N Die On Ur Lips. I Wish U Were A Tear In My Eyes Then I Would Never Cry Out Of The Fear Of Loosing U

Except Me & Including God, No Body In This World That Happiest On Ur Happiness, Saddest On Ur Sadness & Cry Enough If A Drop Of Tear Come Frm Ur Eyes…! By Rohit Kuma

Friends Forever!Written With A PenIf You Are My Friend,Please Answer This:Are We Friends Or Are We Not?You Told Me Once, But I Forgot.So Tell Me Now And Tell Me True,So I Can Say, I Am Here For You.Of All The Friends I’ve Ever Met,You’re The One I Won’t Forget.And If I Die Before You Do,I’ll Go To HeavenAnd Wait For You………

I wish I had’ve been born A wild cyclamen Of mauve and green In a calm shady wood Of trees and flowers.

Just Because Somebody Doesnt Love YouThe Way You Want Them To,Doesnt Mean They Dont Love YouWith All They Have

A Friend Means Someone I MissSomeone I Care Someone I NeedSomeone I Love Someone I TrueSomeone I Special Someone I Like

My friend is like the rain.divine is every drop,peace in every touch,a blessing in disguise;better still,GOD’S OWN EYES!

Far O Near,Trust Beer,Loss O Win,Have A Gin,Chili O Candy,Just A Brandy,Coke O Limca,Mix With Vodka,Day O Night,Always Be Tied.

Truth Of Life We Make Them Cry Who Care For Us We Cry For Them Who Never Care For Us And We Care For Them Who Will Never Cry For Us Believe Or Not But Its True In Every Ones Life

I Close My Eyes And Try To Go To Sleep, But With The Sadness Inside I Begin To Weep. Suddenly I Remember What You Once Said To Me, Just Meet Me In The Stars, Waiting For You I Will Be

You Are So Perfect To Me,I Wish I Was Perfect For You Too,You Are All I Had Ever Wanted,You Are Truly A Dream Come True,You Are Pure Like An Angel,You Are A Sweetheart All The Way Through,You Are So Perfect, So Flawless,I Wish I Was A Little Better,A Little More For You Too.

Life Is Like Flowing Water If It Stops,It Gets Stagnated, If It Flows It Turns Into A Waterfall, A Stream,A River And Ocean Similarly Life Has Joys And Worries, But Its Like Sunrise After Night So After Each Sad Event There Is A Happy Event So Live Life To Its Fullest Enjoy Each Second Of Life Life Is Precious ,Respect It Thank Thou For It

A Sister Loves You From The Heart,No Matter How Much You Argue You Cannot Be Drawn Apart.She Is A Joy That Cannot Be Taken Away,Once She Enters Your Life, She Is There To Stay.A Friend Who Helps You Through Difficult Times,Her Comforting Words Are Worth Much More Than Dimes.A Partner Who Fills Your Life With Laughs And Smile,These Memories Last For Miles And Miles.When She Is By Your Side, The World Is Filled With Life,When She Is Not Around, Your Days Are Full Of Strife.A Sister Is A Blessing, Who Fills Your Heart With Love,She Flies With You In Life With The Beauty Of A Dove.A Companion To Whom You Can Express Your Feelings,She Doesn’t Let You Get Bored At Family Dealings.Whether You Are Having Your Ups Or Downs,She Always Helps You With A Smile And Never Frowns.She Is As Sweet As Chocolate And As Smooth As Fudge.It Is Knowing You Can Always Turn To Her, Your Best Friend.