I wish I had’ve been born A wild cyclamen Of mauve and green In a calm shady wood Of trees and flowers.

Just Because Somebody Doesnt Love YouThe Way You Want Them To,Doesnt Mean They Dont Love YouWith All They Have

I Love All The Stars In The SkyI Love All The Stars In The SkyBut They Are Nothing ComparedTo The Ones In Your Eyes

A Friend Means Someone I MissSomeone I Care Someone I NeedSomeone I Love Someone I TrueSomeone I Special Someone I Like

My friend is like the rain.divine is every drop,peace in every touch,a blessing in disguise;better still,GOD’S OWN EYES!

Far O Near,Trust Beer,Loss O Win,Have A Gin,Chili O Candy,Just A Brandy,Coke O Limca,Mix With Vodka,Day O Night,Always Be Tied.

Friends Forever!Written With A PenIf You Are My Friend,Please Answer This:Are We Friends Or Are We Not?You Told Me Once, But I Forgot.So Tell Me Now And Tell Me True,So I Can Say, I Am Here For You.Of All The Friends I’ve Ever Met,You’re The One I Won’t Forget.And If I Die Before You Do,I’ll Go To HeavenAnd Wait For You………

Sending Birthday BlessingsFilled With Love And Peace And JoyWishing Sweetest Things HappenRight Before Your Eyes

The Rosebuds Have A Pink Blush That Open Snow White Fluttering Petals Like Little Peace Doves Before Taking Flight.

As My Life Starts To Decay My World Fades To Shades Of Grey It Is One Mistake I Made Cause At The End I Let It Fade

See The Second Hand Move The Minute The Minute Move The Hour The Hour Move The Day The Visible Shortening Of Finite Life.

Every Tear Is A Sign Of BrokennessEvery Silence Is Sign Of LonlinessEvery Smile Is Sign Of KindnessEvery Sms Is Sign Of Remembrance

Welcome Ramadan Walk HumblyTalk Politely Dress NeatlyTreat Kindly Pray AttentivelyDonate GenerouslyMay Allah Bless & Protect You

Love Is Kind Love Is Blind Love Is Humor Love Is Lover Love Is Sweet Love Is Neat Love Is Rose Love Is Prose Love Is God Love Is Nod

Importance Of Friendz In Our LifeIs Like Importance Of Our Heart Beats!Though They Are Not Visible,They Silently Lend U Gift Called Life.