Baap Ki Majudgi Sooraj K Manid Hoti Hai..Sooraj Guram Zaroor Hota Hy,MGRNa Ho Tu Andhera Cha Jata HyOrMaa Ki Majudgi Chand Or Raat Ki Manid Hoti HyChand Na Ho Tu Roshni Nhi HotiOrRaat Na Ho Tu Sakoon Nhi Milta…..

Mere Khuda Tera Shukriya,Mere Khuda Tera Karam,Mere Abbu Ki Mohabbat Ki Mohabbat Sabse Badi..Yahi Dua K Rahe Uska Sada Mujhpe Reham!

Mere Khuda Tera Shukriya,Mere Khuda Tera Karam,Mere Abbu Ki Mohabbat Ki Mohabbat Sabse Badi..Yahi Dua K Rahe Uska Sada Mujhpe Reham!

Mere Khuda Tera Shukriya,Mere Khuda Tera Karum,Mere Abbu Ki Mohabbat Ki Mohabbat Sub Se Bari..Yhi Duaa Keh Rahe Uska Sadda Mujh Pe Rehim!

Dad, I’m Blessed To Be Your SonI Knew It From The Start.You’re A FirstClass Father;You’re Loving, Kind, And Smart.You Show Me How To Be A ManYou Help Me, Guide Me, Along The Way.You’re Strong, And Yet You’re Gentle, Too.I Hope I’m Just Like You, Someday!

My dear father,I too would like to give you praise,Though a day of celebration,Is never enough to compensate,Is never enough to appreciate,Is never enough to congratulate,The man who’s life to me still dedicate.

Subhan Allah Teri Shan AllahMashAllah Tera Yeh Jahun AllahHam Pe Ho Aur Bhi Meharbun AllahAisa Kr Ke Shamoseher Zikar Kare Yeh Zuban AllahMan K Paun Talye Hy JoAisa Bana Humein woh Mile Jahun AllahMere Baap Ki Raza HoAise Karo Main Kaam AllahMere Fikarmund Har Pall Jo RahenSalumat Rak Un Ko Piyare Hain Insan AllahMeri Subha Ho Tere Naam SeTery Hi Naam Se Ho Meri Sham AllahMujhe Ata Kr Aisa Neik Kam AllahAe Mere Malik Mere Piyary Rehman Allah.

A Little Girl Needs Daddy poemA little girl needs DaddyFor many, many things:Like holding her high off the groundWhere the sunlight sings!Like being the deep musicThat tells her all is rightWhen she awakens frantic withThe terrors of the night. Like being the great mountainThat rises in her heartAnd shows her how she might get homeWhen all else falls apart. Like giving her the loveThat is her sea and air,So diving deep or soaring highShe’ll always find him there.

Do U Know Whats The Meaning Of FAMILY?F=FatherA=AndM=MotherI=IL=LoveY=YouHappy Fathers Day

If The Relationship OfFather To Son CouldReally Be Reduced To Biology,The Whole Earth Would BlazeWith The Glory Of Fathers And Sons.Happy Father’s Day.

God Took The Strength Of A Mountain,The Majesty Of A Tree,The Warmth Of A Summer Sun,The Calm Of A Quiet Sea,The Generous Soul Of Nature,The Comforting Arm Of Night,The Wisdom Of The Ages,The Power Of The Eagle’s Flight,The Joy Of A Morning In Spring,The Faith Of A Mustard Seed,The Patience Of Eternity,The Depth Of A Family Need,Then God Combined These Qualities,When There Was Nothing More To Add,He Knew His Masterpiece Was Complete,And So, He Called It … Dad

Perhaps we’ll never understand each other.Loving doesn’t mean that we agree.If that were so, then I would say, why bother?But there are things I know I’ll never see.I’m sure your heart knows what I don’t yet know:The pain of loving a reluctant son;The anger, coming fast and building slow,Of being helpless to control someone.You want only that I grow up right,But you know what right is, and I still don’t.I have to learn to wield my inner light,And if I follow yours, well, then I won’t.I’m sorry for the anger in the air;Though we fight, my love is always there.

A Dad is a personwho is loving and kind,And often he knowswhat you have on your mind.He’s someone who listens,suggests, and defends.A dad can be oneof your very best friends!He’s proud of your triumphs,but when things go wrong,A dad can be patientand helpful and strongIn all that you do,a dad’s love plays a part.There’s always a place for himdeep in your heart.And each year that passes,you’re even more glad,More grateful and proudjust to call him your dad!Thank you, Dad…for listening and caring,for giving and sharing,but, especially, for just being you!Happy Father’s Day

F= Forever With His FamilyA= Always There For You No Matter WhatT= The Only One Who’s ThereH= He’s My Hero Till The EndE= Encouraging In Everything I DoR= Really The Only One…No One Can Beat Him He’s The Best!!!

Delightful And LovingLoved And AdmiredDad, You’re My HeroMy Life You’ve InspiredAnd When All My BlessingsAre Counted Each DayI Thank God In HeavenFor Dad When I PrayDad Thanks For Your PresenceThroughout Thick And ThinYou’re More Than A ParentYou’re My Wonderful FriendHappy Father Day