Be With Me And Be My Love,Thy Nature Seems Free Like A Dove.I Would Give Thou A Face,And A Look That No One Would Out Pace.I Will Give Thy A Beauty That Thou Will Treasure,For All To See And For My Own Pleasure.Thou Lips, Thou Eyes, Thou Face A Sight,That Would Bring A Measure Of Delight.Thou Hair Would Be A Color And A Shade,That In Your Life Never Would Out Fade.Thou Eyes Would Be Deep Sea Blue,That Would Outshine The Sun, Too.Thou Lips A Color As Bright As Red,That Would Have Rose Bush’s Flowers Shed.Thou Eyebrows Would Be CurvedAs The Crescent Of The Moon,That Will Bring Out Thou Eyes As A Musical Tune.Thou Lips, Thou Eyes, Thou Face Would Sing,And Think Of All The Happiness It Would Bring.So Come With Me And Be My LoveAs I Take You To A Journey To A Pearl Cove.

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