When Someone Loves You,U Never Realize It,When You Realize It,Its Too Late,You Always Love The One,That Leaves You,And Leave The One,That Loves You.

A Friend Means Someone I MissSomeone I Care Someone I NeedSomeone I Love Someone I TrueSomeone I Special Someone I Like

Have I Ever Told You Honey,That You Mean The World To Me,That I’ve Never Felt So Much Love,In My Entire Life.Have I Ever Told You Honey,That My Love For You Wil Never End,That I Will Go On Loving You,Till My Very Last Breath.Have I Ever Told You Honey,That When Ever I Am With You Dear,I Feel So Happy And Blessed,I Feel So Much More Than What I’m.Have I Ever Told You Honey,That You Are My Everything O Angel,And That Someday I Hope To Be,Next To You In Your Strong Arms.Have I Ever Told You Honey,That I Only Want You In This Life,That No One Else Can Replace You,That You Are The Only One For Me.Have I Ever Told You Honey,That It’s You Who Owns My Heart,And When I Am With You I Feel Like,I’m Never Gonna Fall Apart.Have I Ever Told You Honey,That You Are Always On My Mind,And When I’m Thinking Of You,I Blush Because You Are All Mine.Have I Ever Told You Honey,That I Love You With All My HeartAnd That No Matter What Happens,From You I Will Never Part.Have I Ever Told You Honey,That You Mean Happiness To Me,And That When I Look At Myself,You Are All I Ever See Sweets.Have I Ever Told You Honey,You’re The Only One I Wanna Be With,That When Ever I Close My Eyes,You’re The Only Picture In My Mind.Have I Ever Told You Honey,With You I Find Myself Alive And,That I’ve Never Felt Before,And I’ve Never Felt A Love Like This,Have I Ever Told You Honey,Yes I Have,But Still Let Me Say It,You Are My Dream Come TrueAnd From All My Heart I Love You

Silent music will increase the graceand moon light will add beauty to her face

A couple had a fight whole night.Later Next morning, Husband offered a glass of milk to his wife.

No one can take your place in my lifecan we be husband and wife?

A day will come when we will be togetherhow long it takes doesn’t matte

It Takes More Than CaringTo Be A Real Friend;The Nature Of Friendship;Requires A BlendOf Warmest CompassionAnd Love Deep And TrueTo Reach And To ComfortThe Way That You Do.Because I Can SeeThat Your Kind Of FriendshipIs Priceless To Me…

You Make 10 Friends, Laugh With 9,Meet 8 Of Them, Talk To 7,Celebrate With 6, Share Secrets With 5,Trust 4, Cry With 3,Take Help Of 2,But Never Forget 1 Like Mev

your smile alone warmed heartsYour laugh was like music to hearI would give absolutely anythingTo have you well and standing near.

Husband – No. Today isNag Panchami,Le Nagin Pee Le.

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better man. Happy Happy New Year!~ Benjamin Franklin

Take My Hand And Lead Me From This Place.Chase Away My Doubts And Fears,Wipe The Tears Off From My Face,I Cant Stand Alone,I Need Your Hand To Hold…

I went in the rain, I walked in the darkThe flawless nature and all the joy in my heartMade me feel of someone I knew

As The Cresent Moon Is SightedAnd The Holy Month Of Ramadan BlessingsMay Allah Bless You With HappinessAndgrace Your Home With Warmth & Peace