In My Heart, I Hold Your Love Close,It’s Your Love That I Need The Most.I Sit Here As I Watch The SunriIn The Morning Dew,I See The Tip Of It Looking Like A Flame,As I’m Feeling This Burning Love For You.I Sit Here Alone With All My Thoughts Of You,Watching The Sunlight Begin To Fill The Room.Thinking Of Our Future,And All The Things That We Will Do,You Holding Me In Your Arms,Your Heart Beating Against Mine,As We Get Lost In Time.As I Dream Of That Distant Place,Where You Will Always Be Mine.In My Heart You Will Always Be,The One, The Only One For Me!I Don’t Look Forward Going Through The Day,Knowing You’re Not Here With Me.Thinking Of The Endless Hours,And The Days Dragging By.Why Does It Have To Be This Way?I Have A Wish For You And Me,And I Hope That The Good Lord Grants It,For You See, I Wish That You Would BringYour Love To Me. In My Heart,You Will Never Leave,So I Don’t Have To Grieve,In My Heart, You’re My Only One,And I Want You With Me Always,Till All Our Days Are Done.

Your Love Is An OceanWhere Sand Meets The SeaWaves Of Love Rolling Over MeYour Love Comes To MeAs The Tide Comes To The ShoreWanting And Needing To Embrace Me MoreYour Love Is The MoonShinning Across The Shimmering SeaDeep Wide Strong And CalmAlways There To Carry MeYour Love Is My ShelterMy Compass My True NorthWhere Ever I Go Your Love Is Guiding Me ForthYour Love Is The Fresh Ocean BreezeGently Sweeping Across My FaceTouching Me From Place To PlaceYour Love Is The Salty Air I SmellClearing My Thoughts And ThinkingYour Love Is The Life PreserverThat Keeps Me From SinkingWhen I Go There To The SeaI Am Not Alone For Your Love Is With MeI Feel You All AroundThe Beauty The Wind The MysteryYour Love Engulfs Me Takes My Breath AwayHolds Me In Wind’s ArmsWhen I Close My Eyes Dancing Memories Of Your CharmsNever Escape My Deepest MemorySo If Ever Our Souls Part To Say GoodbyeMeet Me There Where The Sea Meets The SkyYour Love Will Forever Be With MeWhere The Sands Touch The SeaOur Love Lives OnOur Love Flows Back Out Into All Eternity

You Possess The Beauty Of All The Worlds’ Wonders,It Radiates From Your Delicate Skin,Shining In The Light Of Your Eyes,Flowing Through Your Hair, Like The River Of Life,Your Beauty Is Projected In All That You Do,You Have The Grace Of All The Angels In Heaven,Your Friendships Are Deep And True,Your Love Is Pure And Real,Your Movements Are That Of An Angel,Your Grace Is Bestowed Upon Those In Your Life,You Are Strong Like The Mountains,Able To Withstand The Storms Of Life,Turning A Blind Eye To The Coldest Of Life’s Winters,Constant Renewal In Your Eternal Spring,Green Grass And Wild Flowers Your Destiny,Your Wisdom Is That Of The Divine Universe,Able To See Beyond The Immediate,Devouring The Knowledge Of The Past,Improving The Present, Bettering The Future,All The While Taking Care Of Those In Your Life,Being In Your Presence Fills My Heart With Joy,When You Speak, I Hear The Sound Of Angels Singing,All That You Are Is What I Hoped To Be,The Greatest Gift, Your Love To Me,A Lifetime I Shall Take, Returning That Love To Thee.

Would You Dance If I Asked You To Dance?Would You Run And Never Look Back?Would You Cry If You Saw Me Cryin’?And Would You Save My Soul Tonight?Would You Tremble If I Touched Your Lips?Would You Laugh?Oh Please Tell Me ThisNow Would You Die For The One You Loved?Hold Me In Your Arms TonightI Can Be Your Hero BabyI Can Kiss Away The PainI Will Stand By You ForeverYou Can Take My Breath AwayWould You Swear That You’d Always Be Mine?Or Would You Lie?Would You Run And Hide?Am I In Too Deep?Have I Lost My Mind?I Don’t Care, You’re Here TonightI Can Be Your Hero, BabyI Can Kiss Away The PainI Will Stand By You ForeverYou Can Take My Breath AwayOh, I Just Want To Hold YouI Just Want To Hold You, Oh YeahAm I In Too Deep?Have I Lost My Mind?Well, I Don’t Care, You’re Here TonightI Can Be Your Hero, BabyI Can Kiss Away The PainI Will Stand By You ForeverYou Can Take My Breath AwayI Can Be Your Hero, BabyI Can Kiss Away The PainNow I’m Stand By You ForeverYou Can Take My Breath AwayYou Can Take My Breath AwayI Can Be Your Hero

When I First Saw You I Gasped And Closed My Eyes.I Thought You Were Too Gorgeous To Be Real,I Became Shy. As I Grasped Your Hand,I Fell Ever More Deeply In Love.Perhaps You Are An Angel From Above?Thou Art So Caring. Your Beauty Kept Me In Awe,And I Couldn’t Stop Staring. I Cherish That Night,When You Held Me Tight. We Never Slept,The Sun Never Set. It Only Rised,Reflecting In Your Glimmering Eyes. Your Eyes Began To Slowly Close.My Heart Stopped And I Froze. Our Faces Touched.I Felt My Cheeks Blush. We Melted Into An Enchanted Kiss,There Is Nothing As Wonderful As This. I Pushed Away, Because I Was Scared.I Was Worried That You Didn’t Feel What We Shared. My Heart Began To Race,But Then I Saw A Smile On Your Elegant Face. I’m Hypnotized By Your Charm.We Became One When I Held You In My Arms. This Poem Could Never Express,How Much I Am Truly Blessed. Your Touch Is So Gentle, Your Skin Is So Soft,Your Hair Is Like Silk, And When I Look Into Your Eyes, I Could Easily Get Lost.If You Were To Leave Me Astray, I Couldn’teven Imagine What Id Do,Because The Truth Is, I Love You!

With All My Heart I Miss You,And Long For The Day To Be With You.God Has Been So Kind To Bless Me With One,Who Seems To Be So Pure At Heart!Forever Am I Thankful To Share A Friendship,And Have A Special Someone In My Life.Never Had I Dreamed That One Would Come Along.With All My Soul I Want You,And Feel The Need To Be One With You.You Make My Life A Living Dream,So Far Anyway.Isn’t That Impossible?I Have Known You For A Short Period Of Time,But It Seems Like Forever.I Am So Comfortable With You,I Just Can’t Explain It.With All My Mind I Try To Picture You.So Sweet, So Caring, So Loving.How Can This Be?Your Smile Lights Up The Darkness Within Me,I Am So High With Your Presence.You Light Up My Life.Never In Darkness Shall I Remain.With All My Body I Feel Your Innocence.A Rare Gift Of Beauty.You Are Worth More Than Gold.You Are Priceless!Forever Will You Remain With Me.Never In All My Life Will You Be Forgotten.With All My Heart, Soul, Mind And Body,I Can Truly Say That I Have Been Blessed.God Has Given Me A Treasure To Last A Lifetime.And…Much Longer Than Forever…A Beautiful Stranger!

Here Once Was A Girl Who Believed In All There Was To BelieveShe Would Pray To Her God And Even With Her Eyes Closed She Could SeeThen A Lot Of Bad Stuff Just Happened To Come Her WayShe Tried To Do Everything So She Wouldn’t Have To Live The Pains Of Another DayBut For Some Reason She Got Through It All Waking Up To Find The Sun Shinning BrightFrom That Day Forward The Happiest Times Would Seems Darker Than NightSo She Stopped Believing Never Tried To Talk To Him AgainShe Had No One Else To Talk To No One Left To BefriendLooking At The World From A Darker Point Of ViewIt Seemed As If There Was Nothing Left Never Again To Be NewSo Finally She Found Something To Confide In The Most Unexpected ThingThe Brightest Star In The Sky Gave Her A Set Of Wings.She Made Wishes Nightly It Held Her Hopes And PrayersFor That Star Was Something That Would Never Fade AwayAnd It Would Always Be There She Told It Of Her LovesAnd Told It How She Begun To Hate Told That Star The StoryOf How She Lost Her Faith Even Though It Couldn’t Talk Back To HerIt Kept Her Going Far So Now She Has A Name For ItIts Her Mourning Sta

The Power Of Words That We SpeakCan Comfort A Child Encourage A StrangerOr Find A Friend To Keep I Have Spoke Many WordsTo You As You Have Spoke Many WordsWith Me Too When You Or IHave Tears In Our Eyes Words Of Comfort Between UsWe Share We Reach Out To Each OtherBecause It Is For Each Other We Care Starting Out As StrangersA Long Time Ago Giving Words Of EncouragementAs We Spoke Of Our Tales Of Woe Laughing TogetherBrought Sadness To An End Someone Told Me Once BeforeTo Have A Full Heart You Must Start With A Friend My Heart Has Been FilledTo Over Flowing There Is A Feeling InsideThat Is Forever Now Growing Like Two Children We WereLost In A World Of Hate Was This SomethingWe Were Caught Inside Forever Or Could We EscapeTwo Friends We Have Become And Now Can You SeeYou Have Taken All The Sadness Away From MeFirst We Spoke Words To A Stranger Then To A FriendBut Now, Even More We Have Shared The WordsThat Two Hearts Must Explore Three Little WordsThat Can Move Mountains Or Lift You Up So HighThree Little Words That Can Chase The Pain AwayAnd Give The Soul A Gentle Sigh The Feeling Was ThereAnd I Think We Already KnewThose Three Little Words I Love You

Mum I Just Watched The News, The Cartoon Was Boring Me.Why Do You Watch It? Mum It Made Me Cry.Can I Tell You The Story I Heard, Can You Explain It To Me?I Don’t Understand Mum, How Can Someone Take Their Life?They Said She Was 15, Just Like Sis,That She Lived In A Village, She Lived In Leicester Too Mum.What Is Suicide? Does It Mean Kill Yourself?Her Body Was Found At Bradgate Park, Bleeding From Her Wrists.What Does Depressed Mean Mum? They Said Thats What Drove Her To Do It.She Said No One Loved Her, Not Even Her Family.Why Are You Crying Mum? Is It Because Its A Sad Story?I Cried To Mum. Promise You Wont Let Me Get Like That Mum,That You Will Always Love Me And Marie, I Dont Want To Die Mum,I Dont Want To End Up Like That. Come Here, I shall Give You A Special Hug,Please Stop Crying I Have More Questions Mum, Before You Send Me Up To Bed.Where Is Marie, She is Been Gone A Week?Why Did That Girl Have Her Name? Why Does She Look Like My Sister?Please Mum, Wipe Your Tears And Tell Me, Why Did Marie Commit Suicide?Why Didnt She Tell Me? Was It My Fault?I Never Told Her I Loved Her, Please Mum, Make Her Come Back,Or Can I Still Kiss Her Goodnight?

I Offer Her My Blue,The Sadness On My Soul.For All I Hold As TrueStems From This Endless Hole.The Wake Of Shadowed TearsTo Forgone Self Esteem.Flowing In Fleeting Years,A River Of Lost Dream.She Offers Me Her Blue,A Tender Midnight Kiss.Awakening AnewBeyond Pain’s Chrysalis.A Butterfly In View,New Dream Set Free In Flight.She Offers Me Her Blue,Sadness Becomes Delight.I Offer Her My Green,The Stain Of Broken Trust.With Nothing Left To Glean,Dried Hands Sifting Through Dust.Counting The Blessings First,Weighed Against My Own Need.I Proffer Up The Worst,Challenge The World’s Greed.She Offers Me Her Green,The Forest’s Sweet Perfume.An Ever CrystallineVision Of Dogwood Bloom.My Gypsy And My Queen,Chasing Petals Adrift.She Offers Me Her Green,My Greed Becomes My Gift.I Offer Her My Red,Bricks Stacked To Form A Wall.With Emotion Laid DeadInside, To Hide From All.A Man Molding Vision,In Heart, In Hope, Cast Blind.Forming The Great PrisonOf My Subconscious Mind.She Offers Me Her Red,The Petals Of A Rose.Lays Me In Love’s Own Bed,Emotion OverflowsPassion Given Full Fled,Past The World’s White Glove.She Offers Me Her Red,My Hate Becomes My Love.

When I Was Little And I CriedYou Lovingly Held Me, And Let The Last Tear Fall,When I Would Scrape My KneeYou’d Bandage It Up And Say “Be Careful”.When My Birthday Was Horrible, You SmiledAnd Promised The Next Would Be Perfect.When I Would Lose My Temper,You Had A Way To Calm Me Down.When My Friends Left Me Behind,You Gave Me Ice Cream And Said“They’ll Come Around”When I Had A NightmareYou’d Tuck Me In Your Bed AndReassured Me You’d Never Let Harm Find Me.When My 7th Grade Crush Liked Another,You Made Me See It Was His Loss.When It Was My Sweet 16You Threw Me A Party Fit For A Princess.And Made It A Day I Would Always Remember.When The Love Of My Life Left Me Alone,So Sweetly You Said, “This Too Shall Pass.”When I Broke Your Heart With DisappointmentYou Came To Me And Said, “I Still Love You”.I Know That You Think That I Forgot All This,And Take All You Sacrificed For Granted,But That’s Just Not True.At Times I’m Stubborn, As Well As You,But Never Doubt For Half A Second ThatI Love You.Although I Am Growing Up And Someday Soon,I’ll Have To Bandage My Own Knee,You’ll Always Be The Bet Mother.And I’ll Always Be Your Little Girl.

Never Did I ThinkThat Anyone Would CareAbout What I Felt InsideThe Emotions Hidden ThereBut You Came AlongLike A Sudden Ray Of LightChased Away The DarknessMade Everything AlrightYou Listen When I TalkAnd Never Turn AwayIt Means So Much To MeYou Brighten Up My DaysYou Make Me Laugh And SmileWhen I Feel Like CryingMake Me Feel BetterWhen I Feel Like DyingIts Hard To Find A FriendWho’s Sweet And Cute Like YouWho Seems To Find HappinessIn Everything You DoYour Like A DiamondA Rose Among The ThornsA Cheeky Little AngelThat Somehow Sprouted HornsI Usually Put Up WallsAnd Not Let Anybody InAfraid They Will See MeAfraid They’ll See WithinBut With You Its DifferentI Feel Safe And SecureCause I Know Your HonestAnd Your Heart Is PureI Wonder If I DeserveSuch A Friend Like YouSomeone WithWarmth And CompassionWho Always Knows What To DoBut I Feel BadWhen I Know That Somethings WrongIts Either That Your LovesickOr You Feel You Don’t BelongI Want To Help You Thru ItAnd Try To Make You SeeThat I’m Always Here For YouAnd You Can Always Talk To MeCause A Friend Like YouIs A GiftThis I Truly KnowAnd No Matter What You DoNo Matter Where You GoI’m Always Here For YouTill The Very EndJust Know ThisIll Always Be Your Friend

You Smiled With The Grace Of A TeardropWhich Fell Down Your Cheek When You CriedBoth Equally Frightening And BeautifulAnd I Watched YouYou Kissed With The Force Of A Punch In The FaceWhich You Received Every Night From Your FatherEach The Only Affection You’d Ever KnownAnd I Watched YouYou Sat Down With The Tranquility Of A ThunderstormWhich Interrupted Your Dreams Of A FutureBoth Actions Just As ComfortingAnd I Watched YouYou Drew A Line In Your FleshWith A Knife As Sharp As The WordsWhich Made The Scars On Your SoulBoth The Same Terror And HurtAnd I Watched YouYou Cried Out With The Intensity Of A BreathSo Immediate And ReflexiveBoth Holding The Same Note On Your LipsAnd I Watched YouYou Fell To The GroundWith The Weight Of LaughterDead And On Deaf EarsEach Scaring And Astounding MeAnd I Watched YouYou Stared Up With The Blankness Of A MosaicSeemingly Whole But Still ShatteredEach A Tiny Shard Of Glass In The Mirror Of LifeAnd I Watched YouYou Touched Me With The Gentleness Of A ViperYour Grip Smooth And FatalThe Marks Left On My Skin OnlyFractions Of The Poison Left In MeAnd I Watched YouYou Released With The Leisure Of A BlinkSo Long And Yet So Quickly GoneBoth Believing Never To Be Remembered By ThoseWho Have Experienced Your PresenceAnd I Followed You

It’s Comming On So Slowly,It’s First Showing It Self,At First I Barely Noticed,But Now I’m Catching UpFirst There Was The Music,First There Was The Sound,The Screaming Hell Of SomethingTerrible Being Born In This WorldAll I Can Think Of Is Writing,I Want To Place This Rage,It’s Taking Over My Hand,It’s Writing This All DownThen It Started Watching,Now It’s Silent Stalking,It Follows Me Home,And Creeps Into My SoulHelp Me I Cannot SpeakHelp Me I Cannot ThinkIt’s Looking At The People Around Me,It’s Seeing Into Your Souls,Causing Me To Go Insane,It Hates You And EverythingIt Makes Me Want To Eat You,It Makes Me Want To Vomit You,It Makes Me Want To Hurt You,It Makes Me Want To Kill You,It Makes Me Want To Hide,It Makes Mw Want To Die,It Makes Me Then My Outside Changed,The Hair, The Clothes, The Way I WalkThe Way I Act, The Way I Talk,The Looks On Your Face,Reflecting The Ways Of My Face,My Expressionless Pit Of EyesThat Go Down Into Its Soul,Yes You Can See It You Can See ItIt’s Devouring Me I Can’t Get LooseI Shake And Cry Plead And PullBut It Only Seethes Around,And Into My Soul FasterIts Grip Hardens I Scream In PainI Need Release I Need Help MeWhen It Sleeps I’m Almost MyselfWhen I Am Alone I Can Almost Taste ItNormality The Person I Once Was,But When It ReturnsWhen I Know It WillBut Do I Really Want It To Go?

I Just Can’t Get Over You I Really Don’t Know What To DoEverything I Did I Did For You Now There’s Nothing Left For Me To DoI Love You More Than You’ll Ever KnowEventhough You’ve Been Treating Me So ColdTo The Devil I Would Sell My SoulJust So I Would Have Your Hand To HoldBut, I Just Had To Let You Go Everything You Ever SaidIs Always Running Through My HeadThrough My Broken Heart, It Was You I Lead“You’re A Very Good Friend”, To Me You SaidYou Voices Echoes Thrughout My HeadWithout You, I Might As Well Be DeadFor I Felt This Weird Desire Never Wanting Our Friendship To ExpireIt’s Your Strength That I Really AdmireYou Fed And Took Care Of My Inner FireBut Now I See The Brutal Truth You’re Just Another LiarWhenever You Could, You Caused Me PainI Think You Loved To Drive Me InsaneIt Was My Soul That You Wanted To MaimI Never Thought You Could Be So LameYou Promised Me You’d ChangeBut You Still Remained The SameOn Me You Put All The BlameConvincing Me To Feel The ShameOur Friendship Was So Simple And Plain‘Abusive’. There! I Gave It A NameYou Just Couldn’t Stop Hurting MeAway From You I Tried To Flee All Too ReluctantlyI Hope That One Day You Will SeeHow Very Much You Will Always Mean To MeLooking Down On You, I Am FreeI Love You Madly, But PleaseJust Let Me Be! I Don’t Think I Can Get Over YouI Really Don’t Know What Else To DoEverything I Did I Did For YouNow There’s Nothing Left For Me To Do