When I First Saw You I Gasped And Closed My Eyes.I Thought You Were Too Gorgeous To Be Real,I Became Shy. As I Grasped Your Hand,I Fell Ever More Deeply In Love.Perhaps You Are An Angel From Above?Thou Art So Caring. Your Beauty Kept Me In Awe,And I Couldn’t Stop Staring. I Cherish That Night,When You Held Me Tight. We Never Slept,The Sun Never Set. It Only Rised,Reflecting In Your Glimmering Eyes. Your Eyes Began To Slowly Close.My Heart Stopped And I Froze. Our Faces Touched.I Felt My Cheeks Blush. We Melted Into An Enchanted Kiss,There Is Nothing As Wonderful As This. I Pushed Away, Because I Was Scared.I Was Worried That You Didn’t Feel What We Shared. My Heart Began To Race,But Then I Saw A Smile On Your Elegant Face. I’m Hypnotized By Your Charm.We Became One When I Held You In My Arms. This Poem Could Never Express,How Much I Am Truly Blessed. Your Touch Is So Gentle, Your Skin Is So Soft,Your Hair Is Like Silk, And When I Look Into Your Eyes, I Could Easily Get Lost.If You Were To Leave Me Astray, I Couldn’teven Imagine What Id Do,Because The Truth Is, I Love You!

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