Here Once Was A Girl Who Believed In All There Was To BelieveShe Would Pray To Her God And Even With Her Eyes Closed She Could SeeThen A Lot Of Bad Stuff Just Happened To Come Her WayShe Tried To Do Everything So She Wouldn’t Have To Live The Pains Of Another DayBut For Some Reason She Got Through It All Waking Up To Find The Sun Shinning BrightFrom That Day Forward The Happiest Times Would Seems Darker Than NightSo She Stopped Believing Never Tried To Talk To Him AgainShe Had No One Else To Talk To No One Left To BefriendLooking At The World From A Darker Point Of ViewIt Seemed As If There Was Nothing Left Never Again To Be NewSo Finally She Found Something To Confide In The Most Unexpected ThingThe Brightest Star In The Sky Gave Her A Set Of Wings.She Made Wishes Nightly It Held Her Hopes And PrayersFor That Star Was Something That Would Never Fade AwayAnd It Would Always Be There She Told It Of Her LovesAnd Told It How She Begun To Hate Told That Star The StoryOf How She Lost Her Faith Even Though It Couldn’t Talk Back To HerIt Kept Her Going Far So Now She Has A Name For ItIts Her Mourning Sta

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