Have I Ever Told You Honey,That You Mean The World To Me,That I’ve Never Felt So Much Love,In My Entire Life.Have I Ever Told You Honey,That My Love For You Wil Never End,That I Will Go On Loving You,Till My Very Last Breath.Have I Ever Told You Honey,That When Ever I Am With You Dear,I Feel So Happy And Blessed,I Feel So Much More Than What I’m.Have I Ever Told You Honey,That You Are My Everything O Angel,And That Someday I Hope To Be,Next To You In Your Strong Arms.Have I Ever Told You Honey,That I Only Want You In This Life,That No One Else Can Replace You,That You Are The Only One For Me.Have I Ever Told You Honey,That It’s You Who Owns My Heart,And When I Am With You I Feel Like,I’m Never Gonna Fall Apart.Have I Ever Told You Honey,That You Are Always On My Mind,And When I’m Thinking Of You,I Blush Because You Are All Mine.Have I Ever Told You Honey,That I Love You With All My HeartAnd That No Matter What Happens,From You I Will Never Part.Have I Ever Told You Honey,That You Mean Happiness To Me,And That When I Look At Myself,You Are All I Ever See Sweets.Have I Ever Told You Honey,You’re The Only One I Wanna Be With,That When Ever I Close My Eyes,You’re The Only Picture In My Mind.Have I Ever Told You Honey,With You I Find Myself Alive And,That I’ve Never Felt Before,And I’ve Never Felt A Love Like This,Have I Ever Told You Honey,Yes I Have,But Still Let Me Say It,You Are My Dream Come TrueAnd From All My Heart I Love You

When Someone Loves You,U Never Realize It,When You Realize It,Its Too Late,You Always Love The One,That Leaves You,And Leave The One,That Loves You.

No one can take your place in my lifecan we be husband and wife?

A Friend Means Someone I MissSomeone I Care Someone I NeedSomeone I Love Someone I TrueSomeone I Special Someone I Like

Silent music will increase the graceand moon light will add beauty to her face

It Takes More Than CaringTo Be A Real Friend;The Nature Of Friendship;Requires A BlendOf Warmest CompassionAnd Love Deep And TrueTo Reach And To ComfortThe Way That You Do.Because I Can SeeThat Your Kind Of FriendshipIs Priceless To Me…

A couple had a fight whole night.Later Next morning, Husband offered a glass of milk to his wife.

Husband – No. Today isNag Panchami,Le Nagin Pee Le.

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better man. Happy Happy New Year!~ Benjamin Franklin

A day will come when we will be togetherhow long it takes doesn’t matte

I went in the rain, I walked in the darkThe flawless nature and all the joy in my heartMade me feel of someone I knew

your smile alone warmed heartsYour laugh was like music to hearI would give absolutely anythingTo have you well and standing near.

As The Cresent Moon Is SightedAnd The Holy Month Of Ramadan BlessingsMay Allah Bless You With HappinessAndgrace Your Home With Warmth & Peace

Take My Hand And Lead Me From This Place.Chase Away My Doubts And Fears,Wipe The Tears Off From My Face,I Cant Stand Alone,I Need Your Hand To Hold…

New Year’s Day is every man’s birthday. Happy New Year.~ Charles Lam