I Wish I Had Ur LoveI Wish I Had Your Love!I Could Have Hold YouI Could Have Kissed YouI Could Have Ignored The World For YouI Wish I Had Your Love!When You Used To Be In CrisesI Wish You Could Have Trusted MeI Wish You Could Have Asked MeI Could Have Brought The Stars For YouI Could Have Lightened The Ways For YouI Wish I Had Your Love!When I See You In My DreamsI Wish I Can Hold The MomentI Wish I Can Make This Dream TrueI Wish I Had You For EverI Wish I Had Your LoveMy Heart Is Like A BookA Book Which Has Your Name On Every PageBut This Book Needs To Be AdmiredBut This Boook Needs To Be ReadI Wish You Could Have Bought This BookYou Could Have Read ItYou Could Have Admired ItI Wish I Had You Love

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