Before I Could Love Somebody I Have To Love Myself-I Have To Love Me More Than I Love Somebody ElseI Can’t Continue Putting Him First-I Have To Gain Some Self Worth.I Can’t Make Him Happy When I’m Sad-When I’m Gone He Will Realize What He Had.I Can’t Take This Pain No More-I Know To Him I Just Got To Close The Door.I Can’t Keep Crying Over Him When I Know He Doesn’t Love Me-I Have To Wake Up I Have To Finally See.I Wasn’t Meant For Him-He Wasn’t Meant For Me-Why Am I Finding It So Hard To Just Set Him Free.So Many Years I Tried And Tried-So Many Times I Know In My Heart That He Lied.All Time I’ve Wasted I Can’t Get Back-I Need Someone To Give Me The True Love That I Lack.If You Loved Me He Would Have Put Me Above All-He Wouldn’t Expect Me To Be There At His Every Beck And Call.He Would Left Me Up Instead Of Putting Me Down-He Would Have Appreciated The True Loved He Found.Instead He Caused Me So Much Hurt And Pain-Drowning My Tears In The Falling Rain.God, Please Give Me The Strength To Just Let Him Go-Why Do I Still Play The Fool, When I Know.Love May Hurt Sometime But It Doesn’t Hurt This Bad-Why Am I Trying To Make Him Happy When I’m Truly Sad?I Have To Put Myself First I Have To Love Me-Why The Hell He Won’t Just Let Me Be.Love Is So Easy To Fall In, And So Hard To Fall Out-I Know In My Heart I Could Do Without.I Just Don’t Know How To Make Him Go Away-How Do I Get My Heart From Wanting Him To Stay?I Need Someone To Give Me A Love That Is True-And I Know Now That It Is Not You….

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