Freeman’s Mill The old mill long had closed its doors the rotting wheel would turn no more no grain to grind, no country stores where old men sat, told stories, swore… And rocks that formed the waterfall became the playground for us all on summer days, it beckoned, called beneath the old mill’s rotting walls…. The chill of water, mountain-fed awakened spirits, long since dead where millers’ children once were fed on banks upon which lovers wed. And yet i hear the echoes still where laughter of the children filled those rotting walls upon the hill ‘twas once the home to Freeman’s Mill….

Won?t you wipe my tears tonight? Won?t you help me spend this night? If I tell you whats in my heart, Won?t you really hug me tight? Won?t you hold me if I fall? Won?t you answer if I call? If I tell you you?re my life, Won?t you really care at all? Won?t you help me pass the trials? Won?t you cover miles after miles? If I tell you the desperation of wanting you, Won?t you turn my tears into smiles? Won?t you feel my pain anymore? Won?t you miss me like did before? If I tell you you?re my soul, Won?t you make the time restore? Won?t you listen my heart?s cry? Won?t you let my eyes dry? If I tell you?re my only love, Won?t you even love me just as reply?

Staring at the moon at night, so bright, An emotion came over me last night? Bringing all of my thoughts to you, I thought our love is growing true.. When I closed my eyes yester night, All my sorrows & worries took flight? Endless thoughts ran through my head, & the talks we had while lying on bed.. Without U life wud mean nothing 2 me, Oh forever with you, I want to be? Words can?t explain how much I love you, You bring me smiles, overcome my blue.. Thinking of U constantly makes me smile, I can?t forget U, oh not for even a while? You?ve no idea what I?ve recieved from you, The only person I want2 spend my life is wid U.. I love you Sweetie, with all my heart, I know never in our lives we?ll be apart?

Around the corner I have a friend In this great city that has no end. Yet the days go by and weeks rush on And before i know it, a year is gone. And i never see my old friend?s face For life is a swift and terrible race. He knows i like him just as well As in the days when i rang his bell. And he rang mine but we?re younger then And now we?re busy tired men. Tired of playing fulish game Tired of trying to make a name. Tommorow i say i?ll call on him Just to show that i m thinking of him. But tommorow comes and tommorow goes And distance between us grows and grows. Around the corner yet miles away Here is a telegram he is died today And that is what we get and deserve in the end Around the corner a vanished friend.

have yu eva felt dt u r lonely in crowds?? hv u eva heard sm1 callin yur name n found no1 aroun?? hv u eva feared ov ur most beloved thng?? hv u eva saw yur eyez rollin down a tear wile odaz laufin?? hv u eva got paralyzed by d thoughts ov sm1?? hv u eva had a weakness dt cudn b explained?? hv u eva felt lyk sm1 z stranglin yur heart?? hv u eva felt unimportant n useless?? hv u eva crushed yur dreamz by ur vry hands?? hv u eva fel down beside d wal like a disabled widout crutches?? hv u eva felt happier in d dark though u afraid ov it?? hv u eva cursed yur memories?? hv u eva left unanswered by ur own questionz?? hv u eva wokeup whole nyt juz in curiosity?? hv u eva cried wile watchn sunset?? NO??????? TRY TO FALL IN LOVE N U IL GET TO KNOW???

I was moving with a couple of thoughts Straight to the market with steady trots Hustle bustle of the market shaked my head To bring a doll, that she loved the best Or was it a hat, on which she protest I was moving with a couple of thoughts Straight to the market with steady trots My wife asked for flowers with buds newborn To look beautiful she wants herself to adorn Oh ya ! i had to take medicine for my father He must be waiting for me rather I was moving and moving in a shimmering night To fulfil my daughter?s plight Further was waiting for me a mishap There was a BLAST when i openend the flap I was moving and moved so far My friends and family now looks me in a star My daughter still waiting holding my pic so tight Still on the terrace on that freezing night?

* 16th Of January * The Luckiest day for the World The Winds were fresher then ever before The Sun brightly shining on the World The Sky was blue and Clean. Beautiful Birds filled the air with their beautiful voices, Parrots were singing a birthday Song & The Pigeons were praising God for this day. The Forest was Greener The fruits were sweeter & The Smell of Roses filled the atmosphere. The world was absorbed in a strange light (NooR) Sadness was lost & Happiness Covered the world. Angels were sent to the World To welcome someone who was My Love, She was sweeter then honey & brighter then the Sun. People had desires which were fulfilled that day Everyone slept happily and peace covered their house, There wasn?t no corruption, People met each others like brothers. It was the 16th of January and a blessing to the world because someone was born who was far more then a girl SHE WAS MY LOVE SHE IS MY LOVE SHE WILL ALWAYS BE MY LOVE!

This pair of small eyes, Help in saying big things, Love not expressed from lips, Is confessed by a wink. At any place in the world, Her eyes keep searching for me, Sparkle of her eyes is moved to her lips, After she finds me. Each feeling of her heart, Is said by eyes of hers Whenever I leave her, Droplets of water stroll down in form of tears. Can always find, Unconditional love for me in her eyes, Confirming the thought to be true, That the pair never says lies. I have a feeling, She has a straight heart to eye connection, As she expresses everything, by her eyes, That?s needs to be mentioned. When I can?t find her eyes around me, Don?t know what happens to my day, Smile from my visage, Remains at bay. In the night when I lie on a gathered hay, Under the starry layer of the endless worlds, I trace your eyes in the maze of stars, Like a pattern laid out by two beautiful pearls. This pair of small eyes, Help in saying big things, Love not expressed from lips, Is confessed by a wink.

I saw the sun rise on the mountains high, Its pale light gleaming in the sky. Shining peaks with pearl white glow, And melting of snow with a sigh. I saw the sun set on the sea shore, Heard the sea?s various pirates? lore. Saw the ships sailing by, With the flag on mast and the captain at door. I saw various streams gurgling by, With stones and pebbles as their ally. Waiting to reach their ultimate goal, With no fear and ready to die. I saw the dunes: hot and dry, Heard the fiery reputation they occupy. Was out there in the scorching sun, Running after a mirage with a heart-rending cry. I saw the meadows on starry night, Walked under the moon in twilight. Saw the great bear on the pitch black sky, Tried to understand the dark when all was quite. I saw the rain soaking the field, Black dark clouds forming the guild. Saw the poor farmer?s smiling face, In hope of a very good yield. I saw everything in bloom and in decline, But I didn?t find the peace divine. At the very last I came back to my home, There I found peace and a place that is surely mine.

Light dancing through the window wakes me up to another day? to be passed in full consciousness of the seconds the minutes the hours? the day?sublime. I learn helplessness, I lose productivity, the consciousness of the ticking clock gulps me. I forget what is timeless, what is the color of the day; the only things I produce are digestive enzymes and semen. Even the thoughts have turned into reminiscence. I welcome the night. The night that escapes the day and put me to sleep, not beyond clockwork as the hourly gongs pierce my skull, the appreciation of the morning alarm increases as the night draws close. But the minutes and the seconds dance in the production house of my dreams. I travel in a train sitting beside my pretty child, my sweet one, I hold her hand and come down innumerable steps. In dreams we hold hands in the crowd. We dance like fireflies we dance till the last muscle burn out and she falls down before me, I?m still strong and young, I carry her in my arms to a place where we can fly. But I must fly alone. This poem starts the countdown from 30, and I?ll be gone leaving behind the hatred for the day and submission into the night my pretty child, my sweet one. The hourly gongs sometimes startles me in the morning I?m just awake shaking dreams from my hair writing the poem.

Goodbye to you, my trusted friend. We?ve known each other since we?re nine or ten. Together we climbed hills or trees. Learned of love and ABC?s, skinned our hearts and skinned our knees. Goodbye my friend, it?s hard to die, when all the birds are singing in the sky, Now that the spring is in the air. Pretty girls are everywhere. When you see them I?ll be there. We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun. But the hills that we climbed were just seasons out of time. Goodbye, Papa, please pray for me, I was the black sheep of the family. You tried to teach me right from wrong. Too much wine and too much song, wonder how I get along. Goodbye, Papa, it?s hard to die when all the birds are singing in the sky, Now that the spring is in the air. Little children everywhere. When you see them I?ll be there. We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun. But the wine and the song, like the seasons, all have gone. Goodbye, Michelle, my little one. You gave me love and helped me find the sun. And every time that I was down you would always come around and get my feet back on the ground. Goodbye, Michelle, it?s hard to die when all the bird are singing in the sky, Now that the spring is in the air. With the flowers ev?rywhere. I wish that we could both be there. We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun. But the stars we could reach were just starfishs on the beach

Friendship burgeons out of nowhere Right from the time we are born , we are daubed and caught unaware As we grow, we live on to take friendship to higher levels At the age of 3, we go by our friends? dresses and the colour of their towels By class four,it more on the care and attention given And not so much on the character, by which the choosing is driven As we grow older, we check if our characters match And also scan our likes and dislikes right from the scratch But once we step into adolescence It?s all new world of views and conceptions When we were small we needed reassurance, ?You are my best buddy? But now mere words are not required for a friendship this profound and sturdy As days go by, silence means more than words Tears are sweeter than smile , voice lovelier than the song of any bird Then gradually you begin to take them for granted You are hurt at the absence of a word, a gesture, u feel stranded And suddenly when you had thought that they were going to be with you forever They walk away into oblivion leaving you a shock and tremor Before you could reveal what you feel Everything comes to a halt and you are left to revisit those memories as in a reel Friendship is as beautiful as a winter morning And even when the snow melts, it still reveals more and leaves you yearning But end is invariable for all And those sweet moments will continue to augment in every rise and fall

I?ve dreamed many dreams that never came true, If tomorrow starts without me, And I?m not there to see, If the sun should rise and find your eyes All filled with tears for me; I wish so much you wouldn?t cry The way you did today, While thinking of the many things, We didn?t get to say. I know how much you love me, As much as I love you, And each time that you think of me, I know you?ll miss me too; But when tomorrow starts without me, Please try to understand, That an angel came and called my name, And took me by the hand, And said my place was ready, In heaven far above, And that I?d have to leave behind All those I dearly love. But as I turned to walk away, A tear fell from my eye For all my life, I?d always thought, I didn?t want to die. I had so much to live for, So much left yet to do, It seemed almost impossible, That I was leaving you. I thought of all the yesterdays, The good ones and the bad, The thought of all the love we shared, And all the fun we had. If I could relive yesterday, Just even for a while, I?d say good-bye and kiss you And maybe see you smile. But then I fully realized, That this could never be, For emptiness and memories, Would take the place of me. And when I thought of worldly things, I might miss come tomorrow, I thought of you, and when I did, My heart was filled with sorrow. But when I walked through heaven?s gates, I felt so much at home. When God looked down and smiled at me, From His great golden throne, He said, ?This is eternity, And all I?ve promised you.? Today your life on earth is past, But here life starts anew. I promise no tomorrow, But today will always last, And since each day?s the same way There?s no longing for the past. You have been so faithful, So trusting and so true. Though there were times You did some things You knew you shouldn?t do. But you have been forgiven And now at last you?re free. So won?t you come and take my hand And share my life with me? So when tomorrow starts without