I saw the sun rise on the mountains high, Its pale light gleaming in the sky. Shining peaks with pearl white glow, And melting of snow with a sigh. I saw the sun set on the sea shore, Heard the sea?s various pirates? lore. Saw the ships sailing by, With the flag on mast and the captain at door. I saw various streams gurgling by, With stones and pebbles as their ally. Waiting to reach their ultimate goal, With no fear and ready to die. I saw the dunes: hot and dry, Heard the fiery reputation they occupy. Was out there in the scorching sun, Running after a mirage with a heart-rending cry. I saw the meadows on starry night, Walked under the moon in twilight. Saw the great bear on the pitch black sky, Tried to understand the dark when all was quite. I saw the rain soaking the field, Black dark clouds forming the guild. Saw the poor farmer?s smiling face, In hope of a very good yield. I saw everything in bloom and in decline, But I didn?t find the peace divine. At the very last I came back to my home, There I found peace and a place that is surely mine.

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