Put a conditioner in a moisturiser container of your victim

Announce about the engagement of your friend on Facebook and tag him

Replace a few inside pages of today s issue with the last week s newspape

Interchange the ground salt and ground sugar and enjoy the agony of the cook

Smear chocolate pudding on the toilet seat and enjoy the victim s horrified reaction

Turn around the batteries of the TV remote and watch as your victim tries to surf different channels

Attach two way tape to a long piece of toilet paper and leave it on the floor for your victim to step on

Block door with a see through plastic wrap Then wait and watch who gets bounced back on opening the doo

Puncture the straw with a pin then offer it to your victim They ll suck and suck but will only get the ai

Block the signal on the TV remote with a tiny piece of black paper or use a small piece of black electrical tape

Add some yellow food coloring to water and sprinkle it liberally all over the toilet seat and on the floor around the toilet

Leave a pack condoms in your girlfriend s purse And while looking for something in the purse take out the condom and create scene

Put a potato in the exhaust pipe of the car The car would not start Paint the potato black so that the victim cannot see the potato

Rub a baby/massage oil to the taps/window knobs(only the circular types) The victim would find it difficult to open the door or tap

Use a universal remote control system and change the channels and adjust the volume while hiding outside the window of victims room