Teacher: Have you ever read Shakespeare? Pinky: No Who wrote it?

Jeeto: Daughter isn t that young man rather fast? Pinky: Yes but I don t think he ll get away

Pinky: The man I marry must be a man who is easily pleased Guddi: Don t worry dear that s the kind you ll get

Pinky: Mom I want some fresh air Can I go for a walk? Jeeto: Yes but tell your fresh air to drop you home by 9 PM

Pinky: I told him he mustn t see me any more Her friend Guddi: Well what did he do? Pinky: He turned off the lights

Guddi: I m so afraid Kultar s going to be miserably unhappy when I marry Pinky: You have decided to marry Kultar dear?

Pinky: What s your opinion of these women who imitate men? Bunty: They re idiots Pinky: Then the imitation is successful

Jeeto to her daughter Pinky What are the young man s intentions? Pinky: Well he s been keeping me pretty much in the dark

Pinky: Yesterday I met a young man who had never kissed in his life Guddi: I should like to meet him Pinky: You re too late now

Pinky to her boyfriend: Will you take me for a drive on Friday? Boyfriend: Yes but suppose it rains? Pinky: Come the day before then

Pinky infuriated with his boyfriend s behaviour: I d see him hanged first Jeeto: Just marry him and it won t be long before he ll hang himself

I wouldn t cry like that if I were you said Jeeto to little Pinky Well said Pinky between her sobs you can cry any way you like but this is my way

Pinky: My boyfriend and I went to the movies the other night It was a gripping spectacle Guddi: Was it? Pinky: Yeah all through the show he couldn t take his hands off me

Rani to her close friend Pinky: Why didn t you return Balwinder s ring and presents after the break-off? Pinky: I regard them as spoils of war taken during my first engagement

Little Pinky to her mother Jeeto: I must be a very good child Jeeto: Yes you certainly are But what makes you say so? Pinky: You never keep a maid for more than a week or two but I ve been with you for almost more than ten years