Ramayan Ke Rachaita Ko Pranam; Sanskrit Ke Adi-Kavi Ko Pranam Valmiki Jayanti Ki Shubhkamnayein

Lord Valmiki s life teaches us that we are not born good or evil it s our deeds that determines our greatness Happy Valmiki Jayanti

Heartiest wishes on the birth anniversary of 256;di Kavi (first Poet) who is known as the inventor of 347;loka (first verse or epic metre) which set the base and defined the form of Sanskrit poetry Happy Valmiki Jayanti

Narada is known to have reformed Lord Valmiki by teaching Him to worship God He meditated for many years so much so that Ant-hills grew around his body Finally a divine voice declared his penance successful bestowing Him with the name Valmiki : one born out of ant-hills (Valmikam in Sanskrit means Ant-hill) Happy Valmiki Jayanti

MAA NISHAADA PRATISHTHAAM TVAMGAMAH SHAASVATEE SAMAH| YATKROUNCHA MITHUNADEKAMAVADHEEH KAAMA MOHITAM|| Lord Valmiki Translation: O cruel hunter you will never get respect in this world because you have killed the innocent heron who was engaged in making love Warm wishes on the composer of the 1st Sloka of Sanskrit Happy Valmiki Jayanti