Pathan`s wife send an SMS to Pathan: I Miss U Pathan: I Mister U

Teacher: What s the similarity between Jinnah and Allama Iqbal? Pathan: Both were born on a holiday

Pathan 1: Do U have balance in your mobile? Pathan 2: Yes why? Pathan 1: Can I use it to message `I LOVE U` to my wife

What do you mean I was lucky? asked the woman to the Pathan after being hit by a bicycle Pathan: I usually drive a bus

How do you recognize Pathan in School? He is the one who erases the notes from the book when the teacher erases the board

Pathan went for an Interview After reaching the office door he said `May I come in Sir?` Officer: Wait Please Pathan: 80 Kgs

Pathan to barber How much for a haircut? Barber: Rs 50/- Pathan: How much for a shave? Barber: Rs 25/- Pathan: Good Shave my head

Son of Pathan: Why did you call me yesterday? Teacher: I never called you Son of Pathan: Then why did my call list say - 1 miss call

Breaking News: ATM Tariq Road is jammed not in working condition Bcoz Khan Sahab`s wife put hair pin in machine when it said `Enter ur PIN`

Teacher: Tell me the names of 10 chemical elements? Pathan: Oxgen Chlorine Florine Bromeen Noreen Ambreen Samreen Nasreen Parveen and Yasmeen

A Pathan was dancing while holding the brake of his bicycle Sindhi: What the heck are you doing? Pathan: Can t you see I am doing BRAKE DANCE

Pathan writing his Diary My sister had a baby this morning I have not heard that its a boy or a girl So I don t know whether I am uncle or aunt

A Pathan teacher gives Dictation test to students Last bench students: We are not able to hear you Sir Pathan: Ok I`ll write the words on the board

Teacher to his Pathan student Who is a murderer? Pathan: I don t know Teacher: Suppose you murder your parents What ll you become? Pathan: An orphan

Pathan was watchin a Cricket match with a bomb placed on the TV Wife: Why hav u kept this bomb? Pathan: If they loose today I ll blow the entire team