Girl: I love you Santa: OMG I love me too

Banta: I got an anonymous letter Santa: From whom?

Jeeto: I really hate you Santa: What a coincidence

Santa: I show my wife who the boss is by handing her a mirro

Opportunity: When Banta is on tour Threat: When I am on tou

Doctor: Do you drink to excess? Santa: I ll drink to anything

Doctor: How is your headache now? Santa: Oh she is out of town

Banta: Did u break anything? Santa: No there s nothing down here

Santa: Booze is the answer but now I can`t remember the question

Banta: What is the penalty for bigamy? Santa: Two mothers-in-law

Banta: Santa where were u born? Santa: Punjab Banta: Which part?

What s an adult joke? Santa: Any joke which is eighteen years old

Banta: Have you ever seen a lie detector? Santa: Yes I married he

Santa: Oye part part kya kar raha hai whole body is born in Punja

Santa: You wanna come to my New Year s Eve party? Banta: Sure when?