Friendship is like a computer I enter your life; Save you in my heart; Format your problems; And never delete you from my memory Happy Friendship Day

May God bless all your days and make them Friendship Days and all your nights be Friendship Nights Have a life filled with great friends

When you get something for nothing you just haven t been billed for it yet

A best friend is like a four-leaf clover hard to find and lucky to have Thanks for being one Happy Friendship Day

GOD s been very kind as HE didn t create FRIENDS with price tags If He did I really couldn t afford YOU Happy Friendship Day

Thanks to a very special person in my life who is my companion and friend at all times Happy Friendship Day to my better half

Can I please stay here in your Inbox and wait till 4th August? As I want to be the first person to wish Happy Friendship Day to you

Dear Friend You re my 24 hour open hotline service to happiness I can chat share laugh and even offload my sorrows to you Happy Friendship Day

Friendship is a silent bond More old more strong; More deep more clear; More close more warm; And less words more understanding Happy Friendship Day

Friends may meet friends may scatter; If hearts are loyal distances don t matter; Keep in touch so that our Friendship grows better Happy Friendship Day

If it weren t for friends most of us would have succumbed to pressures of family and life Happy Friendship Day to all the people who are friends to someone

Things to remember in life: Love your Friends and not their Sisters; And love your Sisters and not their Friends Happy Friendship Day and Happy Sister s Day

Every garden must have a rose; Every face must have a smile; Every grass must have some dew; And every person must have a friend like YOU Happy Friendship Day

How long shall we be friends? Do you want a clue? As long as the stars twinkle in the sky; Till the water runs dry; And till the day I die Happy Friendship Day

Stars are seen together though they are far apart Likewise true friends may not speak everyday but remember they are always linked to heart Happy Friendship Day