Roses are red,Voilets are blue.I hate valentines day!Oh you do 2!

For those who are single on 14th Feb.A Very Happy Independence Day.

[write this messages on a candles love card]To the light of my lifehappy valentines day

Anyone Can Catch Your Eye,But It Takes Someone SpecialTo Catch Your HeartHappy Valentines Day

Your NameIs The FireThatBurns With Red HotFlames OfEternal PassionOn TheTablets Of My Heart ... :)

For You SEE,Each Day I love You MoreToday More than YesterdayAnd Less Than TomorrowHappy Valentines Day

Masoom Mohabbat kaBus itna Fasana hai..AMMI ghar se Nikalne nahi deti.Or..Mujhe 14-feb ko date pe jana hai:;-)

Love Can Be ExpressedIn Many Ways.One Way I Know Is ToSend It Across The DistanceTo The PersonWho IsReading This.

Lo jee larkion ne Rona daal dia hai.........Kehtin hain kValentine manaen gi to HumAyun k sath warna ye din hi khatam kro...!

Dress code for Feb-14:Green-Leave me AloneOrange-Going 2 ProposePink-Accepted ProposalBlack-Rejected ProposalWhite-Already Booked

Itz d Month ofKisses,Surprises,Proposals n Dates,Chocolates n Gifts,Hugs n LuvSongsItz feb..Wishng u a Luv filled Vallentine Month..!!

I Ask God For A Rose NHe Gave Me Flowers;I Ask God For Water NHe Gave Me An Ocean;I Ask God For An Angel NHe Gave Me TheBest Love Ever!

KouN keHta Hai k Sundy k0 Ha 14 feB or Ni MiLega date ka BaHana,.......Sir ne kHud dia HaI cHance k xtRa cLasS HaI BacHo jaLdiana. .=P;-)

Aj Rat12 Baje K badValentines.Hai Jis JisNeHmein PhoolDena HaiWoLine MayLagJayeKoiEk DusrayKo DhakkaNahi Day gaJo AajReh JayeWo KalAa Jaye

Red is For Blood.Blood is For Heart.Heart is For Love.Love is For You.You is for Me.Me is For You.;-).Love You Dear...!:-Phappy valentines day