Wish you a joyous Ramadan with a plenty of peace happiness and prosperity

May the spirit of Ramadan illuminate the world and show us the way to peace and harmony

May Allah bestow you and your family with glory success and happiness at all times Ramadan Kareem

May this month of Ramadan be full of blessings forgiveness and guidance for you and your family Happy Ramadan

May Allah bless you to fast during the holy month of Ramadan with purity sincerity and dedication Happy Ramadan

Fasting during the holy month is not burning calories; But it s the time to burn pride ego hatred and anger Have a blessed Ramadan

May this Ramadan be full of fun and fervour; May it be full of joy peace health and wealth; And may the festival brightens up your life

Meaning of Ramzan: R- Roza Rakhna A- Allah Se Darna M- Masjid ko jana Z- Zakat Dena A- Ache kaam karna N- Namaz Parhna Ramzan Mubarak

Welcome Ramadan Walk humbly Talk politely Dress neatly Treat kindly Pray attentively and Donate generously May Allah bless and protect you

Comes the holy month of Ramadan; Time to fast and time to pray; Let s give alms to the needy; Praising Allah all through the day Happy Ramadan

Praising Allah all through the day; Fasting from dawn to dusk everyday; Beg for penance and alms we give; Let s thank Him and always we pray Happy Ramadan

I thank Allah who has kept us upto now to be able to celebrate this special day I also thank him for his blessings and all he has done for us Happy Ramadan

With the beginning of the Fajar Azan and the first Holy fast may Allah bless you with happiness and bestow your home with warmth peace and mercy Have a blessed Ramadan

He is the the Creator the Initiator and the Designer To Him belong the most beautiful names He is the Almighty - the most wise May Allah bless you in this holy month of Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan has begun; To cleanse our souls and keep evil at bay; Time to praise Allah through the day; From dawn to dusk we fast and pray Let s pay Zakah (charity) for those in need And remember all the year to do good deeds Wishing you a pious and blessful Ramadan