Santa to Jeeto The baby s swallowed a pin Jeeto: Don t worry it s a safety pin

Jeeto: Have you anything for gray hair? Chemist: Nothing but the greatest respect

Jeeto: Does your husband exercise? Preeto: Yes last week he was out four nights running

Santa: When I die I m going to leave everything to you Jeeto: You do anyway you lazy bum

Jeeto: What are you thinking off? Santa: Nothing Jeeto: Oh do take your mind off yourself

Traffic Cop: Ma am do you know why I pulled you over? Jeeto: I m just as confused as you are

Preeto: My 39th birthday isn t far off Jeeto: Well it isn t; it was only five or six years ago

Santa: You just backed the car over my bike Jeeto: Well you shouldn t have left it on the lawn

Santa: I have never had an affair Can you say the same? Jeeto: Yes but not with such a straight face

Preeto: You say your sister makes up jokes; is she a humourist? Jeeto: No she works in a beauty parlou

Preeto: Whenever I am down in the dumps I get myself a new dress? Jeeto: Oh So that s where you get them

Jeeto: My husband always takes drinks with his friends so that he has at least someone to carry him home

Preeto: Do you have a good memory for faces? Banta: Yes but why? Preeto: I just broke your shaving mirro

Santa: What have you been doing with all the grocery money I gave you? Jeeto: Turn sideways and look in the mirro

Jeeto: Let us go out and have some fun tonight Santa: Okay but if you get home before I do leave the passage light on