Getting married is like giving your own Supari Happy Karwa Chauth

Congratulations to all husbands for renewal of their life insurance Happy Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth Special: Congratulations to all men for renewal of their annual life insurance

A study reveals that if women keep Maun Vrat instead of Karwa Chauth Vrat men surely will have a long life Happy Karwa Chauth

What is the Hollywood movie made for fasting ladies? Fast and Furious One day Fast 364 days Furious Happy Karwa Chauth

May you enjoy your beautiful married life and may no one cast his evil eyes on your wonderful loving relationship Happy Karwa Chauth

Biwiya Aati Hai Heer Ki Tarah; Achhi Lagti Hai Kheer Ki Tarah; Phir Chubti Hain Teer Ki Tarah; Halat Kar Deti Hain Fakeer Ki Tarah Happy Karwa Chauth

As you worship the Moon God and pray for the long life of your husband May you be blessed with all that you heart craves and desires for Happy Karwa Chauth

Tragedy of married men: The Indian wives doesn t let them live as per their will; And by observing Karva fast they don t let them die even Happy Karwa Chauth

To all Indian married women who are fasting for their husband s long life: May the full moon appear early so that you may break the fast in the presence of your loving husband Happy Karwa Chauth

The Indian wife is not only like Goddess Laxmi; But also like Goddess Durga if her husband falls astray Let us appreciate the Women Power by respecting and loving her at all times Happy Karwa Chauth

May the Sindoor testify your prayers for your husband s long life The Mangal Sutra reminds you of the promises that binds you And the color of Mehndi prove the depth of your love Happy Karwa Chauth

On this blessed night I wish that The Jingling of your bangles; The Tinkling of your anklets; And the dangling of your ear-rings signal your love for your dearest hubby at all times Happy Karwa Chauth

If I were a tear in your eye I would roll down onto your lips; But if you were a tear in my eye I would never cry as I would be afraid to lose you Thanks for being mine forever Happy Karwa Chauth my sweetheart

Life and marriage are like a rose plant - flower and thorns in a package May your life be full of more petals and less of thorns and may you enjoy the beautiful relationship of husband and wife Happy Karwa Chauth