Why wait for the weekend to have fun? Have a nice week

Sometimes rejection is God s protection Have a beautiful week

The only real failure is not trying at all Have an inspired week

Weekends should get a ticket for speeding Have a great start to the week

Focus on winning and not on defeating people Have a nice start to the week

Oh Lord Please bless our week Give us strength to perform even the most difficult of tasks

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life Wish you a very happy week

Lord bless our week May we be strong enough to say Yes and No Paulo Coelho Have a nice week

My week is basically: - Monday - Monday 2 - Monday 3 - Monday 4 - Friday - Saturday - Pre-Monday

Everyone you meet has a flower in their heart Water it with your smile Have a great start to the week

Lord bless our week Allow us to use our wings - they need some exercise Paulo Coelho Have a great week

Happiness gives temporary satisfaction; But satisfaction gives permanent happiness Have a very happy week

You can t change how people feel about you so don t try Just live your life and be happy Have a nice week

Look at the clock when you are sitting idle; But never look at clock when you are working Have a great week

Trust yourself Create the kind of self that you ll be happy to live with all you life Have a beautiful week