My favorite part of winter When it s ove

Some people feel the rain Others just get wet

The worst thing about winters losing phone in Rajai

Dear Sun We know you re hot so please stop showing off

Shame on you girls The weather is getting hotter than you

Aey Sardi Tu Itna Na Itra; Agar Himmat Hai To June Mai Aa Shubh Sardi

In winters the number of sweaters on me depend upon how much cold my mom is feeling

Mat Dhoodho Mujhe Iss Duniya ki Tanhai Mein; Thand Bahut Hai Mein to Hunn Apni Rajai Mein

It s an awesome weather: Singles are waiting; Lovers are dating; And married are updating

Extreme Cold Spell in North India: I am not going outside until temperature is above my age

Aam Aadmi Party Ne Jo Kaha Usme Se Pehla Vada Pura Kiya Delhi Walo Ko 1st March Se Paani Free

All of us could take a lesson from the weather it pays no attention to criticism Happy Monsoons

Ultimate Ecstasy: Pulling out a winter coat and going through the pockets and finding 1000 bucks

Pehle Shirt Utaari Uske Baad Pant Utaari Aur Fir Banyan Utaari Saala Garmi Fir Bhi Buhut Lag Rahi Hai

Once there was What are you looking for? There s so much fog that even messages are invisible Happy Winters