Dear god sabko exam me pass karna.fwd this msg to 10 people u will definitely pass and will get more than 70% marks yakin na ho to ignor krke dekh lena.

As long as there are finals, there will be prayer in public schools.

Off to fight crime and save the world...Right after I take my finals...

F.I.N.A.L.S.F: F**kI: IN: NeverA: ActuallyL: LearnedS: Shit

exams are hereshivering in fearstill books are no where nea

Studying for finals. I know its shocking! Save me, call me please!

As long as there are finals there will be prayer in public schools.

Every student is confident in exam hall to try their luck in multiple choice.

Go to school highStudy highGet high scoresStudying and getting high for my finals.

examination is garden success is flower god bless you with power to pluck this flowe

Height Of Bindaasness......Keeping Reminder In Mobile That,Exams Start Today, Attend It!!?

study hard prepare well..if u cant do tht then bribe your teacher n get the question papa

Teacher: Aaj Ka Paper Aasaan Tha Ya MushkilRavi: Padne Me To Aasaan Tha, Par Karne Me Mushkil.

one of the best caption writen on a clock in an exam-room.. :-"TIME WILL PASS.WILL YOU?"..

Main Sirf Ye Soch Kar Paper Khali De Aata HonK Kahin Teacher Ye Na KahenK Aagay Say Jawab Deta Hai. :-)