I"m sure you"ve met my new girlfriend, she"s been your bestfriend for 8 years.

How can I put this... forget I exist?

The only thing worse than being alone, is being with you.

You"re right, I am a lying whore. I lied, size DOES matters.

Look, I"m turning 16 soon, and I really just need my freedom!

Roses are red, violets are... ah the hell with it. Get yourcrap and get out.

Wo tou Khushboo hai Hawaoon mai phail jaye giMasla phool ka hai wo kdhr jaye ga

anjish hi sahi dil dukhane ke liye aa,aa tu fir se mujhe chhor jane ke liye aa.

I get so emotional when your not around.. I think the emotionis called happiness

Alone , Alone, All AloneAlone On A Wide Wide Sea !And Never A Saint Took Pity OnMy Soul Agony :(

i love hershe love methenshe love some1 elessome1 eles love heri love hershe chose????some1 eles

Have I told you latley how much I am in love with you??? No??Think about it, have a great life...

What is BREAKUP ... ?..........BreakupIs Like The WorstNightmareAfter Having The BestDream ... =(

Zubaa khamosh dil gumsum magar ye aankh nam kyon hai,jo apne hi na ho sake unhe khone ka kya gam hain.

A Lost Thing Could I Never Find,Nor A Broken Thing MendAnd I Fear I Shall Be All AloneWhen I Get Towards The End.