What s the difference between a Monkey and a Donkey? A Monkey would save this message and a Donkey would delete this message The choice is yours Note: Please take it easy friends Even I couldn t decide whether to save it or delete it So I forwarded it

Ab ki Baar Garmi Buhut hai Yaa

Ab ki Baar Tu CHUTIYA Ban Gaya Yaa

Mera DDA Flat Nikal Gaya Haath Se

How do you keep a fool busy for hours? Scroll Down ---

I Iove your smile becoz My favorite colour is YELLOW

My love for you has no boundries even to hell I follow you

My love for you has no boundaries even to hell I follow you

Beautiful Lines: Next time I ll send you beautiful circles

Can I take your picture? I simply love taking wild life photography

I smell very nice after a bath Even you should try it sometime

Pronounce this as fast as you can if you are a genius: Eye Yam Stew Peed

Caller: Hello Roshni hai? Listener: Nahi Caller: Toh Saale - candle jala

Those who like me raise your hand And those who don t raise your standards

May bad fortune follow you all your days and never catch up with you