Which car would have Ravan loved to drive? EYE 20

Never hurt a Samosa or a Kachori they have fillings too

What ll you call Burj Khalifa after 80 years? Bujurg Khalifa

How do you ask your Massi to take a dip in a pool? Diplomacy

If Alia Bhatt marries Vijay Mallya she d be called Alia Mallya

Why don t people clap in Afghanistan? Because of Tali-ban

How do you say she is calling a cab in one word? Vocabulary

Which Pakistani cricketer does not have a date of birth? Umar Gul

What do you call an unconscious Vijay Mallya? Bejan Daruwalla

What do you call a bee that comes from America? USB - no claps please

When does an Indian Potato changes its nationality? When it become french fries

What does a Chatterjee a Banerjee and a Mukherjee feel after lunch on Sunday? Letharjee

All the teachers used to come to college wearing sun glasses why? Because Rajinikanth was a very bright student

Lion to Lioness: Sach Bataa Shaadi Se Pahele Teraa Koi Chakkar Toh Nahin Thaa Na? Lioness: Is Baat Pe Mujhe Ek Sher Yaad Aa Gayaa