I miss kissing you

I feel alive when you kiss me

Your lips + My lips = Perfection

Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I ll give it back

I really hate missing you I rather be kissing you

I m feeling like Cadbury Silk someone please kiss me

SMAK ... A mobile kiss... Keep your mobile close to your ear!

FACT: Kissing burns 5 4 calories a minute Ummm wanna work out?

Love is blind; Be very kind; When I kiss you; Please don t mind

I just want to kiss you all over smile and laugh out loud with you

Kiss me and you will see stars; Love me and I will give them to you

My lips are chapped I think they re dying without the touch of yours

love is the name,kiss is the game forget the name lets play the game

Please give me a K: Kindhearted I: Implant to S: Stimulate my S: Senses

Life the gift of nature; Love the gift of life; A Kiss the gift of love