It is Nag Panchami Please take a pot of brass Pour some milk in it and serve it to your wife This shall keep her calm for the next one year Issued in Public Interest

Banta: My wife was extra concerned about my health today She offered me milk instead of the usual morning tea Santa: She had to be worried Today is Nag Panchami Happy Nag Panchami

On this holy day of Nag Panchami - women enjoy swings brides visit their parents and people buy snakes icons to worship It is the period when the snakes come out of their nests due to rain and take shelter in gardens nearby houses and shrubs May Lord Sheshnag always bless you

Nag Panchami: On this holy day married women and girls perform PUJA at the snake s home and pray to the Snake God (Indian Cobra - Murugan s incarnation) at their nest or in a temple for the wellness of their families A portion of milk used for Puja is taken back home and offered to everyone as Prasad have a blessed Nag Panchami