Girlfriend: Teri Zip Khul Nahi Rahi Yaar Boyfriend: Thoda Aur Try Kar Girlfriend: Kar To Rahi Hoon Nahi Khul Rahi Boyfriend: Accha Ruk Main PDF Bhejta Hoon

Boy: I love you Girl: Shut Up Boy: I ll die for you Girl: Shut Up Boy: I can t live without you Girl: Shut Up Boy: I ll marry you Girl: Really? Boy: Shut Up

Girl: Describe me in one word Boy: Mine

Girl: H3Y W t WR0N9? Boy: Obviously your spell check

Guns don t kill people Dads with good looking daughters do

I don t have an attitude I have a personality you can t handle

Boy: Why don t you get a Tattoo Girl: I rather prefer Lovebites

Girl: How do you spell love? Boy: You don t spell it You feel it

You know you re in trouble when your mom screams your whole name

Boy: I am in love with you totally Girl: Tu Totla Tela Baap Totla

He: For love of you I could become anything She: Become a millionaire

James Bond: My name is Bond James Bond She: I have a Friend Boyfriend

When guys lie they say they love you When girls lie they say they don t

British boy: You look beautiful today love American boy: Yo ass is kickin

Girl: I m 16 and my boyfriend is 40 is that BAD? Boy: You spelt DAD wrong