Arz kiya hai-Ikhtiyaar-e tarannum se tabassum ki roshni ko jala dena! (wah,wah,wah)Jab iska matlab samajh me aaye to mujhe bhi bata dena....!

1 KABUTARI Itni udiitni udiitni udibahut udibahut upar gayiitni udi,itni udiaur upar udiBAS AB NAHI DIKH RAHI....

Life is Dificult,Full of Trials,Sorrow,Pain,but if U fall down, just stand up Straight, B Confident & say.KISNE DHAKKA MARA


,,J L,, behind u!!//(,")>why?

A sister is a friend for life .

,.+""-., ,.-""+,#( -_-)(-_- )#*>")("")("

Never let an angry sister comb your hair.

AajRaatThik12BajeKBaadAapkeghar me1 bajega!

Sisters are blossoms in the garden of life.

Faults are thin when relationship is thick.

Hey sisthanks for including me in your bunch

Sister, u shelterby your loveand help me grow.

A sister is both your mirror - and your opposite.

Lost in an animal farm I saw many animals(>. ..".