Aaj Barish Mein Tere Sang Nahana Hai Sapna Ye Mera Kitna Suhana Hai Barish Ki Boondein Jo Gire Tere Hontho Pe Unhe Apne Hontho Se Uthana Hai Happy Kiss Day

A Kiss can never be a kiss; Until it s shared with a beautiful miss; Coloured with a shinning red lipper; And planted on seductive pouched lips Keep kissing on Kiss Day

Public Notice: Today get up early Brush your teeth Check your breath Brush again carefully Rinse again with mouth-wash Now you re ready to kiss m y ass As today it is Kiss Day

Never ask for a kiss just take it Never ask for a hug just give it Never ask - do you love me? Say I love you Never say - I can t live without you say I live for you Happy Kiss Day

I want to touch your heart and stir your soul; I want to come close and smell your breath; Fiddle with your hair and feel your touch; And plant little kisses and taste you infinite Happy Kiss Day