Beginnings are scary.Endings are usually sad,but it�s the middlethat counts the most.

There Is A Storm In My Heart,But It Rains From My Eyes..:-(

Love Is Giving SomeoneThe Ability To Destroy UAnd Trusting Them Not To....

♥ Short But True ♥When You Sit Alone ...You Sit With Your Past ... !!!

Nicely Said . . ."The Cost Of CAREIs Known 0nlyAt The Time 0fLoneliness ... " ♥

It Is SADWhen You RealizeYou Are Not As Important...To SomeoneAs They Are To You . . . =

Usey Kehna K Mere Marny Par Aansoo na bahay.....!K Mujhe Apni Mout Sy Ziada Usky Aanso ka dukh ho ga.

At Some Point,You Have To Realize ThatSome People Can Stay In Your Heart,But Not In Your Life...Sad But True

Hum Se Khelti RahiDunya Tash K Paton Ki Trah...Jis Ne JeetaUs Ne Bhi PhainkaJis Ne Haara Us Ne Bhi Phainka =(

Knowingly We Dont Have Time To Help People,Unknowingly We Always Manage Time To Hurt People.Think Again.Its True.

"The More You SURRENDERYour Life To SOMEONEThe More UNATTRACTIVEYou Become For That PERSON ..."Sad But True ... !!!

U Always Said U Hate 2 See Me Hurt,U Hate 2 See Me Cry,So All Those Times U Hurt Me,Were U Closing Your Eyes....!!!!

Affection Of Love Is So Strange,Sometimes It Becomes Reason To Live Life,&Sometimes It Becomes Reason To Leave Life...

Question That StealsEveryone Sleeps .."Why Do We BecomeJust A MEMORY ForSome People WhileWe Are Still ALIVE. . . !" =

The Most Painful Moment Of Life Comes ,When Your Care Is Mistaken As Interference&Your Love Is Taken As Flirt...♥ :((