No one can write better non-sense than me

Say it on my face not through your status

RIP Facebook Too many of our parents joined

I m not 40 I m eighteen with 22 years experience

It s okay to be ugly but aren t you overdoing it

If you can t be good example be a terrible warning

Thanks for being a small unnecessary part of my life

Any fool can criticize condemn and complain and most do

Your posts on Facebook are inspiring me to unfriend you

I was born without you so guess what? I can live without you

She s a pain in the ass but she s my pain of ass and I love he

My 2017 resolution is to stop thinking so much about the future

I m so miserable without you it s almost like you re still here

Dear Haters May all your teeth fall out except the ones that ache

May your life be some day as awesome as you pretend it is on Facebook