Zindagi Cigarette Ki Tarah Hoti Hai Enjoy Karo Warna Sulag To Rahi Hi Hai Khatam To Waise Bhi Ho Hi Jayegi Good Day

Why is Sunday stronger than Monday? Because Monday is a weak day Have a very happy Week days

Success is a tasty dish Patience intelligence knowledge and experience are its Ingredients But Hard Work is that little Salt that makes it Delicious Have a successful day

Day: Today To Do: Be happy

Everyday is a second chance Good Day

Life is a series of collisions with the future

Do it today; tomorrow it might be illegal Good Day

Good things come to those who go get them Good Day

Renew your passions daily Terri Guillemets Good Day

Wherever you are may you have a reason to smile today

It s always great to have a great day Have one today

Happiness is absolutely no plans for the day Good Day

Yesterday was the deadline for all complaints Good Day

Don t let yesterday take up too much of today Good Day

Today s struggle gives you tomorrow s strength Good Day