Blessed are the constipated for they don t give a shit

I Love You is 8 letters long Then again so is bullshit

Rajnikanth can run you over with a parked car. –

ajnikanth bought a JCB machinetocuthisbirthday...cake

What is the most common crime in China? Identity Fraud

Only 20 percent boys have brains rest have girlfriends

Women s tongues and men s eyes rest only when they die

Every thing dissolves in alcohol even a whole airlines

Rajnikanth can do even Loose-motion in Slow-motion..!!

Mistakes: The lessons they teach the price they extract

Who says beer won t make you smarter? It made Bud wise

Our office just got a new conference table It sleeps 24

I m so good at sleeping I can do it with my eyes closed

How do you know if someone has an iPhone? They tell you

Tsunami occurs when...........Rajni flushes his toilet.