1.All the good girls are either nuns or married .the rest go around with u and ruin your money, health and leave u a total wreck.2. The more seriously u like a girl...the more seriously her dad will hate u3. The love you shower a girl with is directly proportional to the number of bullets her dad will be showering at you

There is nothing more expensive than a single drop of a female tear When a tear falls it first mixes with MAC eyeliner and Maybelline mascara; Then it comes down to the cheek it mixes with La Femme blusher; And in case it touches the lips it gets mixed with Lancome lipstick; This means that a single drop is worth at least Rs 15000

Please message me on WhatsApp only between the following timings: Morning: 6am - 11:59 AM Afternoon: 12pm - 3:59 PM Evening: 4pm - 7:59 PM Night: 8pm - 5:59 AM I don t like being disturbed during rest of the time as I m really engrossed in my work You can bombard me with messages on weekends as I am relatively free Please co-operate

Once upon a time a Prince asked a beautiful Princess: Will you marry me ? The Princess said NO And the Prince lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles; went fishing and hunting; played golf; dated women half his age; drank beer and scotch; always had enough bank balance; he even left the toilet seat up and towel on the bed whenever he wanted The End

Apple iPhone6 is available in India for approx Rs 65k Other great option: Bangkok return ticket: 18k 2 Nights Hotel Stay: 10k Meals: 4K Massage: 3K Shopping: 11k Misc: 2K Savings: 17K Come back to India and buy any Xiaomi mi3 MOTO G Asus Zenfone 5 Micromax Nitro Sony C Nokia 720 or Oppo You still have 2-3k left for 2 bottles of Jack Daniels at the Duty Free

Daily Prayer: O GOD give us strength capacity to pay Income Tax VAT CST Service Tax Excise Duty Octroi TDS ESI FBT Prop Tax Stamp Duty CGT Water Tax Prof Tax Road Tax Edu Cess Congestion Levy many more Besides don t forget Gunda Hafta Bribes Donations Chanda Beggers etc If we have some time money left after that we will do some Business Cheers to Booming Indian Economy Gud Day