Theory of relativity......The more u run towards a hot chick....the more she goes away from u...Rule 1: Even if you got her out alone... Just when you are about to let her know about your feelings...she will spot a long lost friend (I guess from Kumbh ka Mela)Corollary to rule

Do you feel lazy to get up early in the morning? Does a book work as a sleeping pill? You attend classes only for attendance? You look at the calendar for holidays? You hold Cell Phone in place of a pen? If the above is happening to you Congratulations - You are a perfect student

5 points that prove you are a normal student1:unnecessary talk on phone and messages2:Plan each day to study but end of the day KAL SAY PAKA3:you have all the data but you work before the dead line4:right now you are thinking of forwarding this message to your friends5:on each point you

In 1980 IDBI bank rejected loan for Ambani Now in 2014 Mukesh Ambani is planning to buy IDBI bank Moral: Nothing is impossible In 2015 SBI bank rejected loan for me But in 2016 I am planing to apply loan again Because it is govt bank I can t buy Moral: There is a limit for everything

A study by a Canadian anthropologist demonstrated that 97 percent of women shut their eyes during a kiss but only 37 percent of men did The late actor Anthony Quinn had an explanation `Many a husband kisses with his eyes wide open He wants to make sure his wife is not around to catch him `

In your life problems may starts from Kingfisher Mild or Kingfisher Strong,but you must take it as a Royal Challenge.other wise people will call you Old Monk & stick a Black label on you.but you must fight like Nepoleon, live like Bagpiper, walk like Johny Walker, work till 8 pm & think lik

How 2 spnd 3hrs in xam hall?(2pm to 5pm)2:00- 2:10 writ d reg no&sub cod2:10-2:40 read crfuly d instrctn given2:40-3:40 read d questn paper twice3:40-4:15 see if you understand any question4:15-4:20 ask 4 water & drnk4:20-4:50 check whether u’ve filled al d details carfuly#Last 10 mnts relax..

Keep…………………IN TOUCH WITH ME…..OTHERWISE……………………….1 2 3 4 5 67 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 2627 28 29 30 31 32ALL……….UR TEETH WILL B BROKEN!!

This is a touching story A small boy saw a dead cat on his way home from school Overwhelmed by emotions he went close to the cat and touched it He touched it again He touched it again and again and again He could not stop touching it On and on he went on touching it Like I said it s a touching story

ATTACHMENT is not when two people chat day and night; ATTACHMENT is not when two people can t live without each other; ATTACHMENT is not when two people can t stay away from each other for a moment; But when someone emails you and adds either an image or data file with it That FILE is called ATTACHMENT

If you ever find a woman who is beautiful; has a great figure intelligent gets things done on her own drives a car very well cooks great food has little expectations and is not at all materialistic and loves you unconditionally let it be known that the alcohol you have consumed is of the highest quality

How to know if you have achieved Inner Peace? STEP 1: Sit in front of a computer which has a 128Mb Ram and a very low processor speed STEP 2: Use a BSNL broadband Connection STEP 3: Open Browser to book a ticket on IRCTC for Tatkal If you can do that without getting irritated You ve achieved Inner Peace

When a woman loves you you re a husband; When a few women love you you re a man; When many women love you you re a lover; When hundreds of women love you you re an idol; When thousands of women love you you re a leader; When all the women in the world love you you re not human but a gold diamond Rupee Dollar Euro Yen

A woman is the most beautiful creation of God She starts compromising from a very tender age She sacrifices her chocolates for her brother Later she sacrifices her love for just a smile on her parents face As a result she avenges it after she gets married by venting all her anger and directing her ire against her hubby

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