Employee: I want Hike Boss: Install it from Play Store

an apple a day.............becomes potty the enxt day:P

Lifetime Warranties do not exist because of Rajnikanth.

We face earthquakes only whenRajnikanth plays skipping.

An Apple in a day takes a billion dollars away Samsung

Only Rajnikanth can Delete the Recycle BinMind it...!!!

Sometimes I wake up grumpy; other times I let her sleep

Dear rajnikant,pls switch off ur AC.Regdsnorth indians.

Mrs Dass has divorced Mr Dass Now she is BinDass

I love Sony TV Channel: it keeps my wife QUIET and CALM

Breaking News: Vin Diesel to name his son as Vin Petrol

A slogan outside an abortion clinic: Don t kid yourself

It s easy to make a woman happy; but it s damn expensive

One day Rajnikanth bunked school,now its known as Sunday

The oceans are filled with tears of Rajnikanths victims.